Cork Gaskets.

Cork Gaskets

We manufacture all types of cork gaskets at our factory in Birmingham, UK and have any years experience supplying all types of gaskets to our customer worldwide. We are confident that we can meet all your needs and provide high quality cork gaskets suitable for any application. Feel free to call or email us today.

Cork as a material is very lightweight, moisture resistant and has excellent 'compressibility' among other key properties which make it ideal for numerous applications.

We can supply and manufacture all types of cork gaskets
any quantity, all applications -
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Gaskets made from cork.

Cork Gaskets: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm | 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm

The most common application for cork gaskets is when compressibility and flexibility is of most importance - there is a number of different blend and composite cork materials which give extra qualities, these include: rubber cork, cork EPDM, silicone cork. Each has different added properties and we can discuss the best blend for the actual use of the gaskets.

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Advantages of cork gaskets...

  • Very compressable without loosing shape
  • Fire resistant
  • Long lasting and hard wearing
  • Can handle all temperatures
  • Buoyant and ightweight
  • Ideal to noise reduction

Cork as a material

Cork is harvested from Cork Oak tress, which are medium sized evergreen oak, originating from Southwest Europe and North west Africa. The properties of cork include suberin which is a waxy substance found in higher plants, i.e. trees! - Suberin is named after the cork oaks tree, which is called a Quercus suber. The properties make is impermeable (does not allow fluid to pass through) and buoyant (floats) which is why it is used is a variety of products - most common being wine stoppers, but also cork gaskets!

Half of all cork harvested, yes 50%, comes from Portugal - with annual production being about 200,000 tons. A cork tree is not ready for the cork to be stripped until it is 25 years old and then only every 9 years is it harvested. The first two harvested cork is usually of lower quality so it can take 52 years (25+9+9+9) before good quality cork is harvested from a tree - it's a good job each tree lives for about 200 years!

To see more about cork as a material check out our infographic.

We also manufacture a whole range of other gaskets, shims and washers:

Different Gaskets.

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